In Ancient Rome, a special treatment to heal the wounded bodies of Roman soldiers exhausted and weary from the battlefield took place in the Roman baths. This was called "Sanus Per Aquam" (SPA) In Latin, “spa” means health stemming from water or health that comes with water.

SPA & Wellness has a wider range of meanings rather than the dictionary definition. In today’s culture, SPA is not just a facility providing water and mud therapies but expanded to other services such as hot water pools, various massage therapies, aroma therapies, beauty & care and so on. SPA also has the meaning of a complementary therapy in which the state of rest and relief are obtained through exercises such as healing with water, health from the use of water, hot, cold and different methods of pouring, dripping and spraying of water.
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The idea of wellness is not only a physical state or practice but a spiritual practice in the sense of holism and there are no boundaries or limits to the activities that constitute wellness integrity. ‘

Wellness is a life-style that you have designed to achieve your highest potential and for a peaceful life and well-being.

Benefits of Spa Wellness

Regulates blood circulation.

Accelerates the removal of toxins from the body.

The digestive system to function properly.

Rheumatic diseases.

Soften and eases muscles.

Relieves pain in the bones and joints.

Reduces mental fatigue, removes the negative effects of stress on the nervous system.

Removes excess electrical charge

Provides a healing effect in the recovery of depressive problems such as tension or sleeping disorders.

Helps the body remove excess fat and get fitter, refresh and deepen the skin texture.