SAUNA DEKOR was established in 1987. Over the years, Sauna Dekor has presented its products in many international fairs with the purpose of spreading the use of sauna. Sauna Dekor continues to follow innovations abroad, examining the sauna culture in place, and carrying out excellent sauna applications with the best quality materials and the correct manufacturing techniques. The modern man going through a continuous change desires to protect his health and to reach the most effective treatments in unison. The concept of health was defined not only physically but also spiritually and socio-culturally, hence formed the concept of Spa & wellness.

Sauna Dekor continues to transfer its unique expertise and provide services/assistance to its customers on SPA-Wellness in every stage of SPA Center installation.

As an acknowledged solution partner in SPA projects, Sauna Dekor supports its customers in consultancy, design, project management, technical solution and feasible budget planning.

Sauna Dekor cooperates with leading global companies through its specialization in design and installation of SPA centers.